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Bad Issues After Updating To TB 115.3.1

Making moves

I have just upgraded to TB 115.3.1 and it really sucks.

I have had a number of problems with it that  are just basic problems that are just outright plain stupid.

I am using TB with 2 email accounts and 1 newsgroup account and I have had issues with switching and checking the individual accounts.

The first issue I had was that the menu bar is below the tool bar and I did find a hack to move the menu bar above the tool bar here.

However , then I noticed other issues that is not really connected to moving the menu bar above the toolbar.

1) To check for new messages on the individual email accounts I now need to go to File ..... Get New Message For .... instead of clicking on the old icon of Get Messages and select the individual accounts  , if I click on Get New Message , all it does is to check for messages for the newsgroups.

Surely there could be a better and simpler way of checking for new messages in individual email accounts. ?

2) The most important issue is that I can not swap between the different email accounts , if I select the Inbox icon on the toolbar , it just simply DOES NOT work ! , no matter what folder is selected or what email account I select , it just seems to be frozen.

The only way I can swap between email accounts is to slide open the pane on the left hand side and select the inbox of the individual account on the list , there is NO FUNCTION on either the menu bar or tool bar to quickly select the individual email accounts.

Even when I have selected the Inbox of the individual email account , the listing on the header pane does not display which email account I am currently viewing like it was before in previous versions.

3) I can not change the default language from English (US ) to English (GB) even though I have selected it and rebooted TB , even though I have got the extra dictionary for English (GB) installed.

This new update to 115.3.1 is nearly unworkable and I have never seen such problems with TB and I have been using TB for over 10 years and now I will need to spend all my time and effort for then next few weeks for hacks to try to get TB back into a workable condition and like it was before the 115.3.1 update.

TB has always been a good email client , but this latest version is absolute garbage.

Anybody got any ideas ? , perhaps reverting back to the previous version and keeping all of my emails and settings.









Making moves

BIG DITTO! It is pretty obvious the vast majority of users HATE the changes. Bill me for not changing! I'd gladly pay if you just fired the developers! Roll it back a year or two, guarantee no changes without my specific request, and I'll pay!!! I know, nobody cares. Sorry.

Making moves

I just updated to 115.3.1 (64 bit).  My setting is on "Unified Folders" and all folders are unified except the INBOX.  No matter what I do it will not include the inbox.  I tried numerous times and rebooted.  Nothing. 

Don't you check out the changes for bugs BEFORE you cause users to have their blood pressure skyrocket?





UPDATE TO ABOVE: I now have version 115.4.1 and Unified Folders still does not work.  The reason I have Thunderbird is BECAUSE of the Unified Folders to use with 5-accounts.   Mozilla ignores the gazillion complaints of the issue.  I'm going to look for another multi-account email provider.

Thunderbird Team
Thunderbird Team

@TessWorld several fixes have shipped in this area.  If you are still having difficulty, please file a support request at

Wayne, Community Manager, Thunderbird

Making moves

I just updated to 115.4.1 (64-bit) from several versions back, and can't easily query individual account servers like I used to, either. I noticed this change, immediately. Having to go to File menu, wastes my time. They need to put it back the way it was. Mozilla, please stop changing things that work well.



Take a look
Right-click on the cloud symbol

Take a look
Add account context menu to unified toolbar get messages button

Also works 120.0b3 currently
Add account context menu to unified toolbar get messages button1.png

Note : you see, for example, account name, Un autre compte gmail
This is normal
Account Settings panel
Account name: Here, you can name the account. The name will appear in the folder pane as well as other areas in Thunderbird where you need to navigate accounts.

Note : Order of accounts is normal
Ability to change order of accounts

I can right-click and select the account I want to check. That's what I need.


Making moves

Agreed. I don't have Windows 11 - is this what dictates TB having so many unconventional changes?  To me, action items have no place in the title bar. Should be below the menu as before. The menu bar colours should match the Windows default, not be forced to white on blue. Since most navigation is mouse based, It doesn't make sense to have a menu instead of toggle for Mark. Menus belong in the menu bar (Yes, I know about the keyboard 'M'). The column adjustment is weird. On different computers, the headings are differently aligned - on my laptop there are indents which shorten the mail item so much it becomes unreadable. Finally, what is that meaningless, intrusive and unnecessary '+Message' doing there? Easily got rid of, fortunately! This has been change for changes sake. Thank goodness I am still able to get back to my old Outlook Express format - I cannot see the sense of tiring myself out scrolling through three or four times as much screen looking for past correspondence as other clients do.



Take a look tidy up menu bars, tools, addresses, ....

Take a look add ability to mark as read in single click