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Attempts to sign in to an Amtrak account fails since May 13, 2024. Updates possible to correct this?

Making moves

While trying to sign in to my online Amtrak account to book travel, clicking the "Sign In" "button" top center of the Amtrak "home" page a bogus appearing webpage (not formatted as before May 13th) comes up and attempting to follow the "links" to sign in and verify my identity, the Verification webpage does NOTHING once the details are entered, i.e., it will NOT go to my online account page.

I use Google Chrome, do the exact same things and there are NO issues, I'm taken to my online Amtrak account, as was normal before My 13, 2024.

Suggestions, other than long walks on short piers and the like?





When I click the "Sign in" link on this page:

Firefox loads this messed up page:

If I click the blank area at the top, Firefox loads this different home page address:

When I click Sign in on that page, Firefox loads this page which looks okay:

I can't get back to the broken page, so I wonder whether there was just a glitch in loading the page? If you see it again, could you try reloading the page bypassing the cache using one of these methods:

  • Shift+click the Reload toolbar button
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+R (on Mac, Command+Shift+R)
  • Press Ctrl+F5 (on Mac, ?)


 Since my original post I have used Google Chrome, most current version/update, (Dell 5500 - i7 - 16GB RAM - W11 most current update), and had ZERO issues signing in to my Amtrak account. But Firefox 126.0 (64bit) still rendered the "offending" webpages as an unusable "form" and I could not sign in. Since I have NOT tried today, I will leave this Thank You response, go see if Amtrak updated their formatting then come back here and let the community know my findings. Thanks, Oldheart.


I just went to and was immediately able to sign in to my account, all Amtrak pages rendered correctly. I have to assume Amtrak got tired of my complaints (yeah, I know, but still...) and decided to correct their programming so Firefox will work on their site again. I'd been having this and other similar issues with Amtrak's webpages for over a week, had issues booking train trips, and had complained, lodged my concerns and generally made a pest of myself since they weren't fixing the issues. Now everything works the way it should and I don't have to resort to Googles hidden intrusions into my online business while using their "Chrome" browser.

Again, THANK YOU for responding quickly and taking my post seriously. It all works, or at least DID work just now.