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Amending Thunderbird 115.2.2

Making moves


The new upgraded Thunderbird 115.2.2 needs to have a couple of changes:

1) - The space above the messages (ie: where the summary of the emails is shown) needs to be reduced.  In previous versions, that space used to be about 1" high.  Now it is about 3" high, which drastically reduces the space left to actually see and read the email contents below that summary; and 

2) - I would like to find a way to combine the Menu Toolbar (containing File, View, Go, etc..) with the Toolbar above that (containing Get Message, Write, Print, etc.)   By combining those two toolbars, one is given more space below to see the emails.

Thanks for listening - and acting.

E. J. Ted Legg

Almonte, ON


Making moves

I totally agree with the request to have the possibility to reduce the preview area (the space below the message list where you can see a preview of the selected email). Its minimum size is too big, it takes up nearly half of the screen. We should be given the choice to reduce it furthermore.