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ACTUALLY open link in new tab when I "Open Link In New Tab"

Making moves

This is in Firefox for iOS. This is less a suggestion and more like a demand, a requirement, fixing a bug, you messed up thing.

In the Desktop version, I noticed ages ago the idiotic idea that when choosing to open a link in a new tab - usually because I want to keep my place in the original tab - the behaviour was changed that it would create the new tab, but I wouldn't "move" any more, I'd be left on the tab I wanted to leave (temporarily), I would have to manually change tabs. Stupid, and a waste of time. I figure the point is in case someone is doing this as a "Mark to read later" thing. To me, this seems unlikely, way less likely than wanting to see the linked thing then return (like someone used a difficult word and linked to the definition, or a Wikipedia article about a named concept/thing). As such, it's more efficient for everybody if it switches to the new tab automatically and the Read Later people just change back to their tab. FINALLY found hidden in the settings a setting for "When I open a new tab, go to it" or something like that. Insane it's off by default.

Now in iOS, I'm finding the same nonsensical behaviour. But this time, there doesn't seem to be a setting to fix it! Which makes Firefox LESS capable than Safari, seemingly the weakest browser in current use, which does this correctly. Should Firefox be inferior to the worst browser?