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A translation on Turksih Language

Making moves


I've just come across that a translation is not accurate
"Responsive tasarım modu"(Responsive Design Mode).

Can we please correct this somehow may be like: "Tepkisel Tasarım Modu" or "Genişlik duyarlı tasarım modu"

I hope I am in the right place 🙂



Hi, you can propose new/revised localization strings on "Pontoon." I've never done it myself, so I can't tell you how long it would take, but hopefully the following will get you going.

Note: The three ".properties" files are places where I found the phrase. There may be others.

Making moves

Hello! It's great that you've brought up the issue with the translation "Responsive tasarım modu" (Responsive Design Mode). Your suggestions for correction, "Tepkisel Tasarım Modu" or "Genişlik duyarlı tasarım modu," indeed seem more accurate and aligned with the concept of responsive design. To proceed with the correction, you might want to reach out to the appropriate localization or translation team within the project. They should be able to make the necessary adjustments to ensure accurate and clear terminology in the interface. You're definitely in the right place for flagging such issues!

Making moves

Hi @jscher2000 and @Evelynemma,

Thank you so much for the detailed explanation, I've suggested the translation, I hope they will accept it. Let's make Firefox better together 🙂

have a nice day