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A Newsletter topic on how to disable the stock browser when using a new device

Making moves

After reading your newsletter on making Firefox your default browser on a new device you should do a follow up article on how to really make Firefox the default browser. With every new device, the firs thing I do is download Firefox and my Norton 360. Once Firefox is installed and synched I go into the settings folder, select the applications tab and I disable the P.O.S. that comes with Android. I'm referring to Chrome. I do a 'Force Stop' then I disable the application. I do this to a lot of applications, to be honest. I tend to think that everyone knows how to do these simple tasks, until I discover they don't. They can hardly find the toilet paper when in the restroom. It's not that bad, well, almost! Anyway, explain that the disabled applications are still taking up valuable real estate on their device, just in case they should ever need to use it again. If I had more time in a day I'd write the article, but I'm starting a new business and I'm swamped.

Thank you for your consideration and your time to read this.



The Prodigal Son