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119 update issues

Making moves

After updating-

Cannot close an open tab if I am viewing that tab. Have to switch to another tab and close the one that is not being viewed.

Cannot click on address box if a site has loaded. It will not allow me to click on address or even a separate search box if that tab has loaded a site. Have to open a new blank tab to do a search or enter a new address.


Clear all caches, restart. Back to normal...

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Making moves


Cannot click on the pop up address suggestions from history or searches.

Also- Back button does not work. So I guess forward does not either.

Clear all caches, restart. Back to normal...

I hate updates. I dread them all, wondering what will be spoiled as a result of them. Whatever happened to Common Sense and "If it ain't broke DON'T fix it"? My anger at Mozilla has never ceased for what they did to the Tab position in Firefox, then flatly refused to listen to the multitude of criticisms of this mindless change, ALSO doing their utmost to ensure that we users were then deprived of the option to put Tabs where WE want them.

They now seem intent on messing up Thunderbird. Its appearance is now a MESS. The Folder Pane looks so untidy now, with how it shows the unread e-mails in each folder, and WHY OH WHY, does anyone at Mozilla, in their WILDEST dreams, see that the restriction on the sizing of the message header pane, so that we're now STUCK with a minimum of EIGHT, is any kind of improvement (which is what I see as a worthwhile reason for change).

Of course, we know that even if someone at Mozilla actually reads these comments, as always, they will simply be ignored.