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115.3.1 is rubbish

Making moves

I've never posted here before because I've never had anything to say.

I've always promoted Thunderbird over Outlook but the latest update has made me question that, quite frankly, it's bloody awful.

My wife has had experience of seeing emails arrive but then can't find them. (Windows 10)

I've had several instances of "not responding" (Windows 11)

PLEASE give us the ability to take the GUI back to the previous version and then leave it alone.

Thank you



Making moves

Same here, I use thunderbird extensively for work with many email boxes and a lot of emails to shuffle around and since 115.3.1, the GUI freezes so frequently it is unworkable, I am now looking to setup an alternative. By the way I am on Windows 11 , 22H2...

Making moves

I hadn't realized that Outlook is free so I just set it up and OMG, what a world of difference. It's just so much quicker and snappier. It breaks my heart cause I been using Thunderbird for a long time and I would really prefer to encourage Open source  but until Thunderbird can make a competitive product, I will have to stick with Outllook as it will save me so much time....