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Annoying when watching videos

First of all, sorry for my poor English.I always move mouse cursor to the right corner when watching YouTube.because when i watching video, mouse cursor is annoying so i have to move it somewhere.but Left and top corner are mouse cursors visible, so ...

Developer debug tool optimization

The Json content of the network response, when the value is a list, will be better debugged if the preview shows part of the content when expanded      

_0-1653556799592.png _0-1653557483134.png

modular design: base plus browser, email etc

find common files used by both: firefox browser and thunderbird.if both of them use same code, why space should be wasted by installing both browser and email?if possible, make browser, email, etc.. as addons which can be disabled, enabled, install, ...

Edit URL for saved logins

Currently it's not possible to edit the URL for saved passwords, and sometimes the URL for the saved login changes, and the old one becomes invalid meaning you would have to resave the same details for another URL.If this can be considered that would...

dsafda by New member
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complete message

A popup window offers to activate total protection against cookies: there is no procedure to follow to cancel this option in the event of a problem. When in doubt, forbear...JG

tunis48 by New member
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Chrome style tab tearing

In Chrome you can drag and drop tabs. You tear the tab off and then it lets you drag the tab to where you want and drop it. Completely WYSIWYG. Firefox seems to have beat Chrome in every field except this and it makes window organisation a real pain ...

Llanfair by New member
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Enable/disable extension quickly via Firefox Bookmarks Menu

A lot of extensions have a built-in option to 'disable' it while the extension still runs in the background ready for you to enable it again and use its functionality.This will turn of the functionality, but won't prevent the extension from snooping/...

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