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Recent update 115.11.0esr

My Firefox web browser was working as always.  But right after the last update to 115.11.0esr opening Firefox is so slow it's almost a freeze. When the browser is open my Win7 seems slow and sticky.Note: When the browser is in use/open my Avast AV is...

J_D by Making moves
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More tab detail (eg preview/URL) when hovering over a tab

In Firefox, hovering over a tab gives only the tab title. It would be nice to see more detail, eg the URL/domain name (like Chrome and Edge do): But what would be even better is a tab preview! Vivaldi does both URL and preview: Thanks!

KERR_0-1646178777000.png KERR_1-1646179171382.png KERR_2-1646179344152.png
KERR by Making moves
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Reduce width

I suggest a reduce screen width feature to force a web site to use only 70% of the screen. Would be useful on a ultra wide display with some websites that are not design for that kind of display.

pierluc by New member
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Security Issues

Hi!I'm a lawyer in spain and using firefox as a main browser to do any paperwork with the gouvernment.Some weeks ago, the new update came in and most of the spanish institutional websites (https://sede.agenciatributaria.gob.es/Sede/inicio.html ; http...

Youtube does not load

Youtube does not load properly. I get grey squares instead of videos, no navigation buttons.

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 14.18.42.png
rory by Making moves
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Improve download management in Firefox Android

On Firefox Android, I've noticed problems on download management:1. The Downloads page does not display the progress/status of ongoing downloads. It only displays completed downloads.2. The download progress only displays in the system notification. ...

eaw4690 by New member
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No AI in the browser

Please do not add AI in the browser as a core feature. If you want to experiment with various ways to use AI, please do it as an optional feature in the form of an addon or similar. Many people use FFX because it is not Edge or Chrome, and that neces...

fl0id by Making moves
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Weekly Digest from Mozilla Connect on Reddit

It seems to me that Reddit and Mozilla Connect exist somewhat in parallel. It might be useful to post a digest of the most popular ideas on the Firefox subreddit. It's one post a week, probably pinned, but could greatly increase user engagement.

tilwiti by Making moves
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Address bar auto-highlight text

When you write something on address bar, click outside or change window/program/whatever and then click again on the address bar to write again you delete the whole text you wrote as it highlights it all automatically, how's annoying ? Specially when...

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