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Is Mozilla sending data to Facebook?

Hello,I just downloaded my entire Facebook data and found something strange in the "Apps and websites off of Facebook" section.There is a "Activity received from Firefox Fast & Private Browser" which list some very recent use of Firefox on my phone.I...

Firefox scrolling jumps in Facebook

When scrolling posts on Facebook, there are random jumps up to 6 new posts forward. It is necessary to scroll back and look for the last displayed post (photo, video, txt). It looks like firefox doesn't remember the last displayed position before upd...

zdvaz by Making moves
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Everything goes wrong since the last update of Firefox. Some websites (Yahoo, booklooker, Google etc.) keep asking for the username and password every time I open the page. I have to log in or even change my password over and over again. This was not...

Firefox's hidden potential: Important features disabled

There's a lot of features (privacy, security, performance) that aren't enabled by default, which is unfortunate. The features exist, despite many users forget to enable them or are unaware of their existence, which is why they end up not taking advan...

Krazy by Making moves
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Thunderbird 115.2.3 horrible layout

My Thunderbird-instalations was updated to 115.2.3 the other day. The layout is several steps back, hard to read, small fonts, and unlogic placement of menus and so on.It's impossible to see how many new mails there are in the new bullet-thing that i...

abrj76 by Making moves
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Is Firefox more of a data logger than a web browser?

Why is it that FireFox wants to download everything into some obscure folder instead of the folder I want to file to go into?  (Namely: run/user/1000/doc/xxxxxxx/{long list of folders}).This usually happens when I want to save the file directly to a ...

Firefox tabs crashing constantly

I am running Firefox on a Macbook pro OS 10.14.6, since the last few updates my tab have been crashing. Since updating to 115.2 the latest, it is constantly crashing. I have emptied cache etc. It is annoying and Firefox is the main browser I use. How...

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