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In Firefox, I often use the sidebar history view "By Date and Site" to see the history in different time and site buckets. For example, I can see the pages I visited "Yesterday" in "". Unfortunately, the sorting is alphabetical by the webp...
You can manually delete internet history in Firefox Android. If you do that, how long does Firefox keep the browser history? I hope not forever.
I open a lot of tabs and i often reach greater than 100. Firefox Android displays the infinity symbol instead. Please extend this to 3 digits instead so I know how many tabs I have opened.
Please add "Close other tabs" in Firefox Android. Firefox Desktop already has this feature and it is very handy.Please close all other tabs except the selected tab. If there is no selected tab, then close all other tabs except the last visited tab.
In Firefox Android, when you maximize a video player , the text "Entering full screen mode" appears. It stays there for a few seconds and blocks the video controls and subtitles. I see no purpose for this popup message because it is obvious that the ...