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Status: New idea

Please implement Workspaces in the way that current Opera browsers have. It's an incredibly slick way to compartmentalize things, which is super helpful for neurodivergents like myself. I'm currently utilizing separate/different browsers to achieve similar.

Basically a vertical list of icons for each Workspace on the side (a button in the toolbar with a dropdown to select Workspaces would suffice), that instantly switch to all the Tabs open in a given Workspace and hides everything else. Pinned Tabs stay with each Workspace. Tab Groups can exist within a Workspace.

I've tried all the "similar" Firefox addons people suggested throughout the tubes, but as Prince said, "Nothing Compares 2 U".

  • They all seem to reload tabs when you switch, which is not fast and therefore not slick. 🙂
    • Some are worse, you have to manually save a "session" and then it'll reload all the tabs in the session when you switch. Not slick.
  • They all seem to (purposefully) show Pinned Tabs regardless of Workspace.
    • Perhaps ~Globally-Pinned Tabs that always show regardless of Workspace selected could be useful for others, but unnecessary for me at the moment.
  • Some similar ideas "containerize" each ~workspace, which requires you to log into each site in each Workspace separately -- not what I want. I want all my stuff accessible from each Workspace. My Work & Home identities are on separate computers.
    • A "container" feature is different than this request but I think they could work together. E.g. create a Workspace, choose an identity/account/etc. for it. Outside the scope of this request.

E.g. I have:


  1. A Main Workspace with my main email + tasks + feed reader pinned, then use that area for general browsing (i.e. normal life).
  2. A Gaming Workspace with maps & stuff for games I'm currently playing.
  3. A Dev Workspace with all my Dev-related stuff (source control sites, another email account, etc.).
  4. Temporary Workspaces for when rabbit holes go too deep...
  5. Etc.

I'd likely make even more use of them if they were in my preferred browser. (fanboi since Phoenix🔥🦅)

No idea how this would translate in mobile, not concerned with that for the time being. Desktop Firefox on Windows/Linux.

Also not concerned with being able to sync Workspaces across browsers -- I think we can already see open tabs in other browsers sync'd to our Firefox accounts, good enough for me.

Strollin' around

Multi-account to be more user friendly

I really like this feature but it is not very easy to use.
I have a suggestion to have something like that opera have for workspaces

Screenshot 2023-06-16 at 10.42.24.png

So I can just use one for work and one for my personal use, it will be more user-friendly and easier to use the multi-accounting feature

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Opera just screwed up the UI and their adblocker with their new update. This feature is literally the only thing keeping me from instantly switching to firefox. I created an account just to post this comment

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YES! That functionality is a game changer! I am using it in egde at my work an its brilliant!
If this one and tab grouping would apear in Firefox I would surly abandon any other browser.

Pretty please devs - make it a reality! 🙏

Making moves

I love it if Firefox implemented a "workgroups" feature like Opera has

The title says it all:  Opera has a feature called "workgroups" that allows you to group active tabs in categories, with a vertical bar on the left side and an icon for each workgroup, and switch from one to the other effortlessly..  (Vivaldi also has workgroups, but the implementation in Opera is far better IMHO.

Currently, I have lots of tabs open on Firefox and organizing them and FINDING the ones I want at any given moment are both difficult and time-consuming tasks.  This would solve that problem.

I think other users might also enjoy such a feature.


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(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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+1 for workspaces, we need dynamic 1 click changer, not 2 clicks.

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I changed FF for Arc browser because of workspaces. It would be so nice to see this feature in my favorite browser too!

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Just wanted to say that the Firefox fork Floorp, has this feature. Floorp is basically Firefox but with some nice features such as workspaces.

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 @Axel1. I switched to using it and it is perfect. Thank you very much for the suggestion since I have not come across that Floorp anywhere

Making moves


I created the extension 'Simple Workspaces' for Firefox. It's not yet published in the store, but I'd love to have some people trying it out. The repository is here.

In general it's inspired by Opera One's implementation.

It also supports hiding pinned tabs on workspace switches (like @joshg253 wishes) next to the default behavior - keeping them visible between all workspaces. It also doesn't rely on Firefox' multi-account container feature, which means they can be used and mixed in each workspace.

The zipped folder to load the extension into Firefox Developer Edition can be downloaded here.

You'll have to set 'xpinstall.signatures.required' to 'false' inside about:config and you should also check 'open previous windows and tabs on start' in about:preferences.

By the way, the decoupling of the multi-account containers and workspaces enabled me to implement sort of tab islands as in Opera One via a custom userChrome style, which lives here.

This also visually and beautifully separates extension icons in the toolbar from the default Firefox toolbar icons.