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When delete all emails from a folder , why not just cat its file to trash , delete the file/database and touch the file to create a clean one. that would be 1 second .  Deleting all files from a folder is super slow , like 2min for 1000 emails ??  no idea why.
is it calling antivirus each time an email is moved? recent years, deleting messages is painfully slow 

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I don't have that problem at all.  If I want to delete all emails in a folder, I select <ctrl><a> to select all and then press delete.  It takes less than a second.  No need for removing and recreating folders.

I am a system admin for an internet provider and I deal with TONS of spam daily so this works very well for me.  I use IMAP and have a reasonably quick internet connection.

Give it a try.

Making moves

It also depends if you want to delete them off of Thunderbird's display or the website's email (pop3/smtp/imap) domain. Website's servers can take forever, and Thunderbird should be able to be instant. Does your Thunderbird's cache needs cleaned? Is your internet speed fast or slow? Last, does your hard drive need optimized?