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Status: New idea

Inspired by it seems like the browser itself ought to watch out for extensions changing ownership, and give users the option to decide whether they want to keep using it.

This appears to be a very active form of abuse right now, where extension authors are inundated with buyout offers from sleazy people/companies who will add in tracking or whatever.

Perhaps this could take the form of automatically revoking all permissions on an ownership change, and re-requesting?

Status changed to: New idea
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New member

this would be great if built in and give Firefox another notch in its belt of superiority

Familiar face

Ngl, that's a great idea.

Making moves

This is a really good idea 👍

Making moves

This is one of the basics I would expect from an extension store tbh. Implement, pronto.

Making moves

+1 This is a must have 


I currently use manual update for extensions (migrated from ancient times), and it would be helpful if this issue was highlighted on the cards on that list.

For users that use automatic updates for their extensions, turning off automatic updates for an individual extension with an author change also could be an option, although those users may never think to look for the Available Updates list, so probably not enough.

Strollin' around

This is an attack vector that I had never even considered until now. I don't use a ton of extensions and am careful about which ones I install but if uBlock Origin suddenly decided to sell out to malware groups (unlikely but not impossible) then a lot of FF users would be affected and Mozilla would have a bad situation on their hands. This just seems like the type of OpSec we've come to expect from Firefox, kind of surprised this hasn't been implemented already.

New member

yhup. this should be mandatory. revoking all permissions and access after a change in ownership should be norm, as we know different people have different intentions for how something should work.