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Making moves
Status: In development

Can we have the opportunity to add a wallpaper in the new tab view? Like chrome or edge, that you can upload a picture and use it as a background in the new tab.

Strollin' around

@FlappersYou can change both light/dark theme colors of new tabs using Adaptive tab color extension. There are options for it, if you look into it's settings.

New member

Will it be possible to install my own wallpaper from the file explorer and the wallpaper link?
Because this is a necessary and basic feature

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where do I switch off asking me about this wallpaper on every new tab?

who said it would be a good idea?


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Just a question as to why we can't have a new wallpaper on every new tab that is started up. This is done on Floorp which is made from Firefox and works great but we can't do it on actual Firefox. Why? If it can be done there it can be done here. In Floorp it works great and it changes automatically when a new tab is started. I have a folder selected in settings with a stack of wallpapers and it picks one from there. I think this setting could be obtained from Floorp as it is no longer closed source.

Making moves

If the wallpaper changes dynamically smoothly when the user changes the dark or light mode, they will look better and more beautiful. So, I suggest creating two variations of the same wallpaper for a dark and light theme.

For example, to make two options for a photo (wallpaper) of a fox, you can generate a day and night variation of the same frame using artificial intelligence.

You can determine which wallpaper option should be shown to the user (for dark or light mode) from the system settings.

I like how it works on Gnome for Linux. Here's an example 

It would also be great to be able to add your own wallpapers. For custom wallpapers, of course, dynamic modification is not applied.

Making moves

For Android, I would like to see new wallpapers. It would be ideal if it were possible to synchronize the installed wallpaper using an account.

Making moves

It would be good to have like Chrome which dynamically changes the new tab page and theme to match the wallpaper in use on
It's named 'UI Refresh 2023' in Chrome, similar to 'Material' theme on Android.