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Making moves
Status: New idea


Users whan to change Quote in replay message.

Previously there was a changeQuote plugin for this, but now it doesn't work (TB 102)

For example, deffault header is:


And user need change it.

The user can change the setting mailnews.reply_header_type, but this is not enough.

For example, i user whant this headers:


I already have such a plugin, I made it myself, but it uses experiment_apis, for this reason I am not ready to share it.

When open messengercompose, i register event:



window.addEventListener("compose-editor-ready", new my_windowListener(), {once: true});



in my_windowListener, i create new headers, and push it in "moz-cite-prefix", example:



				let STR = `
				&nbsp;<hr size=1 width=100%>
				<b>Subject:</b> ${Subject}
				<b>From:</b> ${From}
				<b>Sent:</b> ${Sent}

				let div = doc.getElementsByClassName("moz-cite-prefix")[0];
				div ? div.innerHTML = STR + "</br>" : null;



user can change headers in GUI settings, how he need 

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