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1) Suggestion for the pop-up "ADD BOOKMARK".
Add a "LOCATION SEARCH BOX" where we can type in the WHOLE WORD or PHRASE that we are searching for. This makes much more sense then the crazy way we have to do it now. In the existing way, we only get one single key! We have to hit it over and over and over dozens of times until we find the word we were searching for (very hard to catch all the titles doing this);- AND - the existing folder has to have been saved using the exact same FIRST LETTER in the FIRST WORD in the TITLE of the EXISTING FOLDER - which commonly has not been done - because; #1 we haven't started/noticed a pattern to group things together yet - and #2 especially when we do a QUICK SAVE and the title is pre-populated by the creator and they NEVER put a SINGLE WORD SUBJECT, as the FIRST WORD in their TITLE of their page. We do QUICK SAVES because finding folders to save new bookmarks in it TOO HARD and takes TOO LONG. See what I mean?
There is a great need in the ADD BOOKMARK popup box; to have a SEARCH BOX under LOCATION but before "BOOKMARK: TOOLBAR, MENU, OTHER -wise";  in order to properly (intuitively & as fast as possible) SEARCH and FIND ALL EXISTING BOOKMARK FOLDER(S), that have titles containing the word/phrase you're specifically searching for.
This would also bring to our attention all the other misfiled folders. We will also need a way to click on the folders in the SEARCH RESULTS LIST and move them as well into a "main-folder" for the single subject matter.
This dilemma may need creating new "main-folder(s)" and/or new "sub-folders" at the same time or consecutively. ie: 1st put the ones you want in the 1st "main-folder"; "SAVE" it. Then; 2ndly re-search the same key-word/phrase... and put them in the other "main folder" you had in mind; and so on.
I'm extremely good at analytical thinking and I imagine everyone just about, has an issue with organizing their BOOKMARKS well after their BOOKMARKS are overrun and not at all organized in any logical sort of way to use them expeditiously as intended to be a tool at our fingertips to add to though processes while working on something rather than to become a whole new issue/problem finding the right BOOKMARK, not knowing if you got them all or filed it by the same title/phrase...
I'll mention these other two issue because they're related and it might be prudent to fix at the same time:
Its also hard when a saved page "BOOKMARK" can not be saved in more than one place when this does not work with our filing systems' needs. ie: subject: "Natural Supplements for Cancer". When you have files for each member of the family under their name say GRANDMOM-KIM (main folder) sub-folder under "HEALTH" tertiary folder under "CANCER" 4thiary folder(s) "BREAST" and "SKIN", Plus your husbands father has his folders: GRANDDAD-JIM/HEALTH/CANCER/PROSTATE/BLADDER.
in which we can "ADD [A NEW] BOOKMARK" or equally as important "REFILE BOOKMARKS" in its better place. ...This is a good example of the dilemma we all encounter when doing research. We really could use a template for HEALTH folders that someone already thought of all possibilities out there from our existing messy BOOKMARK folder systems.
It was SO much EASIER when we could just DRAG & DROP folders WITHIN the FOLDER COLUMN. And when we created a NEW FOLDER it would appear RIGHT WHERE WE WERE in the OUTLINE (FOLDER COLUMN).
Ideally, I'd like to ALSO be able to go to a full screen of bookmarks and have 2-3 columns where I could drag and drop folders until I was satisfied with the final placement/organizational structure. Being able to pull things up by KEY WORD now doesn't work right. We need to see the EXISTING OUTLINE STRUCTURE - where and how is the existing stuff organized around it. And then, move each and every folder pulled up by various key words into one or two EXISTING AREAS. And creating the proper TIERS of HIERARCHY.


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In the quest to streamline user experiences on Omiphycharity, a valuable addition is the "Location Search Box." This feature simplifies the process of bookmarking by allowing users to enter a whole word or phrase, and the platform automatically generates a curated list. Now, with a single key press, users can conveniently access their saved bookmarks. Share your thoughts in the comment section below!