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When Mozilla launched a VPN I was really excited to have a way to 'subscribe' and support the org, in that vein I'd just like to say that I'd pay up to $20 a month for a web-based email client with features like that that one really popular one that's free (unless you place value on your privacy).

I don't know if anyone else feels the same way but thought I should put it out there (apologies if this is common suggestion, I'm new to these forums).


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Similar idea here: Mozilla Thunderbird as a website 

Making moves

I had a similar idea, except thunderbird web(email) is free, seeing as how the thunderbird app is free, and everything is transferred onto the web, or however Mozilla wants to do it.

Strollin' around

maybe an other solution could be to have the equivalent of Exchange in free software attached to Thunderbird with free and premium licences dependant of the support so privacy would be preserved

there is less and less on premises solutions so maybe there is a place for such a software

Strollin' around

I'm not quite sure what the benefit of this feature is. Thunderbird is a desktop email client so I see two main options for a web-version:

1. Add a HTML UI and allow it to be remotely accessed (like qBittorrent)

2. Create a new webmail product with Thunderbird branding (and maybe with a similar feel to Thunderbird?)

Option 1 doesn't sound like the best experience for webmail, especially if expected to be hosted for multi-user (as suggested by the fact that you are happy to pay a subscription for it. Thunderbird isn't a multi-user application so it would need basically a full rewrite to be secure for this case plus the complication of scaling an application that was designed for single-instance. Not to mention the complication of splitting a previously local app across the network and making it feel responsive.

Option 2 doesn't really have anything to do with Thunderbird other than branding. Why don't you like existing webmail options and why do you think this new webmail UI would be better? Without explicit goals this likely to be no different than any other webmail.

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Try a different webmail host like Fastmail .. that is designed more for privacy but is still more similar to a Web-based version of Thunderbird

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Or try GMX,  they apparently value your privacy.

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It would be interesting to have a docker image to self-host a web client for Thunderbird . This would make it easier for us to temporarily access our emails on another computer without having to install Thunderbird. If technical constraints don't allow it, too bad.