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It’s kind of weird that such a great e-mail client doesn’t have an option to hide folders. That setting would be useful e.g. when I have an account administrated by a company, and I am unable to delete an unused/unnecessary folder, then Thunderbird would allow me to hide it. The only already existing option similar to that is the option to “Hide Local Folders” but it hides all and as expected only local folders.

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Familiar face

For IMAP accounts you can unsubscribe from folders which effectively hides them and their content.

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@ MattAuSupport

There is no "unsubscribe" option in Thunderbird client v115.5.0. 

I also would like to hide default folders--Spam and All Mail in particular--from appearing in my Thunderbird client folders list.

I right-click All Mail, select Synchronization tab then uncheck 'Select this folder for offline use', the folder still appears in the Thunderbird client. Same with Spam folder. 

What other setting(s) "effectively hide" these folders and their content from my aching eyeballs?

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I would like to see this feature implemented too.

I save emails in folders and by year. I don't always need them, but do go back and refer time and again. When not needed, I would like some way of hiding these `Local Folders', at least not getting them listed on the left panel.