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I recently upgraded my Thunderbird client to v102.
The calendar export options have changed and when reviewing the Release Notes I note in the "Changed"
- Support for importing and exporting calendars from Outlook CSV format was removed

This has significantly impacted my usage. This is where my timesheets are created / stored.
This format is excellent for further analysis and billing tools.
To use html or ics is very limiting and problematic for such purposes.

From what I have found online, all ics to csv convertible tools are a extremely poor substitute

Can this be reversed or can someone suggest an add-on to remedy this situation ?


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1) Customised cells to yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss
The csv export generates a T (after the date) and Z (after the time)
Excel does not recognise the date/time format.
I will have to do a find/replace to clear out those letters.

2) Another problem, the NOTES are exported as HTML.
So I am not required to convert to a html to text converter.

TBH not a great "out of the box" solution.
Reinstating the Thunderbird csv export is preferred.

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I have used some formulas in Excel and got this result, check it suitable for you. 



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I have the same problem. I need the csv expot like it was in former times.

Please but it back in!!!

The solution with these ics konverters is not a good thing. I don't whant to let the data run in a onlineplatform.


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I agree, please bring back the calendar to csv export capability in TB v102 on the Mac.  I use this capability to analyze data from scheduling up to 30 different baseball teams to avoid conflicts.  This is a nightmare if done manually.

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I cannot effing believe you removed the proper export, csv. This was the main reason to use this calendar feature, please put it back!

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I also concurr to the thread : please bring back this function, or provide a functionnal workaround for us users.

Maybe another developper would be interested in providing such a tool, released as FLOSS? The needed pieces of code/software are laying around, but a professionnal may forge them into a functionning tool 😄 I open a pad to gather suggestions (and maybe funding ?) :

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I don't know, why a good working function gets deleted for no reason.

Please bring back import and export csv function. I need it for easily sending and importing appointments for my non-profit association. Hope this is possible in some of the next version.

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I couldn't find a suitable tool, so decided to use an AI (ChatGPT) for a solution. I knew that it was possible using sed or awk, so formulated the query below:

"i need a script (e.g. sed) to replace all occurrences of the letter T in between groups of two digits bounded by a dash (-) at the start and a colon (:) at the end (e.g. -05T15:30:) with a comma (,)"

ChatGPT came straight back with a suggested sed command, which I then fine-tuned into the following:

# Replace stray 'T's in each line with a comma:

sed -E 's/(-[0-9]{2})T([0-9]{2}:)/\1,\2/g' input_file > output_file

# Remove stray 'Z's in each line:

sed -E 's/(00)Z/\1/g' input_file > output_file

Simply change the file names to suit and Bob's your uncle!