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Making moves
Status: New idea

Firefox’s page zoom control allows zooming in steps that go 110%, 120%, 133%, 150%, and so on. Sometimes, I want to zoom to a custom percentage. (For example, if at 120% the text is still a bit too small, but at 133% the page switches to a single-column layout that I don’t want.) I have an idea that could enable users to adjust the percentage to their linking.

When the page is at a non-100% zoom level, Firefox shows the percentage in the URL bar.

Screenshot 2022-09-15 at 16.37.52.png

Firefox could implement a feature that, when the user hovers this label, a little pop-up shows up with the following buttons for adjusting the percentage:

[-10%] [-5%] [-1%] [+1%] [+5%] [+10%]

That way, the user could easily adjust the zoom level if Firefox’s presets don’t suit them. Firefox would of course remember the custom zoom level for the website, just as it does for the existing zoom levels.

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