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Making moves
Status: New idea

Firefox should have an option to open multiple instances having separate profiles. Instances should not share any user data.

Edit: The ability to open more than one Firefox profiles simultaneously

Firefox should be able to open multiple profiles simultaneously. All profiles should have their own seperate containers. The cookie created in one profile cannot be accessed by any other profile. No user data should be shared among the profiles, containers.

One solution to do this is to use nested tabs. That is the first layer of tabs should be for profiles. And each profile than will be having normal web page tabs with in them.

If you thick it is a good idea make it happen.


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You already can open multiple profiles either directly (for example by adding shortcuts to your system toolbar) or by opening the ProfileManager first.


New member

If I understand your question correctly, you can use Firefox containers to do exactly that. Each container can have information about one particular profile.

Making moves

Other solution to do this is to ask to pickup a proprofile whenever we open new instance of firefox from apps start menu.

Strollin' around

Despite it's forlorn, ugly UI, a bookmark to about:profiles on the bookmarks toolbar mostly solves this albeit in an awkward way that requires a user to make the bookmark on every profile creation. (I create a profile for interacting with each customer, so this is a lot of repetitive work for me.

A native, non-bookmark-hack solution that was part of the actual Firefox UI would be nice.



For information purposes other alternative

Dedicated profiles per Firefox installation

Some users have multiple installations of Firefox, each in separate program folders. Firefox uses a dedicated profile for each installation of Firefox, including Nightly, Beta, Developer Edition and Extended Support Release (ESR) installations. This makes Firefox more stable when switching between installations on the same computer, and also allows you to run different Firefox installations at the same time.

Prerequisite to installation location, for example and Windows

Create Mozilla Firefox Esr installation folder in C:\Program Files
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox Esr
Install Firefox Esr in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox Esr

Create Mozilla Firefox Esr installation folder in C:\Program Files (x86)
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox Esr
Install Firefox Esr in C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox Esr

Custom installation of Firefox on Windows

A Custom setup lets you choose the folder where Firefox program files will be installed

Firefox Nightly Bêta Release
You can also download the animation if you wish


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I use in the same windows session, 2 differents workspace because i'm freelance. The first is my personnel one. I would find bookmark, history to my personnal use. the second workspace is professionnal. the last version of chrome should be you inspiration for the UX and the easy way to switch.


New member

I agree with the fact that this feature already exists:

However, it's true that it's not very user friendly. I use it, but I wouldn't recommend it to most of the people I know.


There are few things that could be done to improve it:

  • To add a way to start the profile manager without having to run a "-p" command line or about:profiles (which sounds like witchcraft for many people).
  • To easily allow to create different shortcuts/buttons to easily start each profile instance.
  • To have different icons or colors in the taskbar for each profile instance running.

Alternatively, there is the "containers" extension, but it has limitations: I tried to use it, but I found annoying that most of settings are shared between containers. For example, if you create a separate container for Facebook, you still have to allow keeping Facebook cookies in all containers, because if you configure Firefox to delete that cookie when closing the browser, that applies to all containers and the session is lost.