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Status: In development

Firefox Fennec had a great tabbed interface on tablets. When Fenix came, we regressed to a stretched out phone UI. After years of stagnation, Android tablets are rising again, thanks to foldables and new initiatives from Google. Firefox is missing out by not including a tabbed interface for Android tablet users, particularly because FF has best in class syncing abilities. Android power users are enthusiastic recommenders of their favorite browsers, so it would be huge advantage over Chromium based competitors!   

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I  completely agree with this. I use FF on Mac, Linux, Windows, and iOS. But on my android tablet the UI is simply unusable. Tabs are hidden, controls are spread over a large space requiring a lot of travel to do simple things. Similarly for having easy access to bookmarks. We need a the desktop interface, more or less.

Also setting desktop mode as standard is a must. Some websites are unusable in phone mode on a large tablet. Given the excellent sync functionality as well as additional services like VPN etc, which make FF the perfect multi-platfrom broweser, this is a real missed opportunity.

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Tab bar for Android

Please add a tab bar for android. With the new update for larger screens, Android 12L, I think Firefox desperately needs a tab bar for large screens.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

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Hi, voting for this, as already explained on

Basically, FF on Android do needs the tabs, at least with wide enough screens (and the so called "tabs" in FF android are not tabs, just search "tabs for paperwork" to see what is a tab 😉 )

I tried to get used to the new Android FF, but sorry, I can't, it's a mess and I am wasting time tapping where only one tap is enough on other browsers (no surprise that FF is only 0.20% of tablets navigator)

Let's hope now that you won't propagate this to FF desktop 😛



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This is LONG overdue, three years at least. See this GitHub issue:

Many users have been lost due to this.

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Tab bar for Android tablets

The firefox is a great browser but it lacks one thing that every browser has, a tab bar for Android tablets. Without the tab bar firefox for tablets is pretty much useless.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Someone a request for split screen can be found here: split screen for Android 

Please feel free to give kudos and share your thoughts there.

Thanks 🙌

Strollin' around

I checked that ipad got its own UI, please do the same for tablet too.

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I have been an on and off Firefox user for years, ever since my Iconia tab and used firefox, I've always wanted my android tablet to be able to replace a portion of my laptop experience. On my tab s7, I have to resort to using Samsung Internet to have a decent experience. Chrome is terrible, Edge is so/so and unfortunately Firefox is the worst of them all. Please for the love of all that is holy, add a tab bar at the top, at the very least. A bookmarks bar would be a nice addition, or even make it so it can be customizable (Like Samsung Internet) and you'd win the heart of some many android tablet users.

iPad firefox has this, Android tablets should have it too.

Strollin' around

Apart from the usual website incompatibilities Firefox for me is by far the best browser. It offers syncing between different instances, extension support on mobile, good enough performance and a good ux. But i recently got a tablet and I must admit it sucks not having a tabbed ui and an option to force all websites to offer their desktop version (most useful in landscape orientation). These are the only things missing for me!

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Firefox Android used to allow you to change this from about:config, apparently, but you no longer can even go in there and change browser.ui.layout.tablet to "1". 
We need to be able to see all our tabs without clicking a number box to see what is open in the background. When we have a big screen, it is a huge waste to NOT show contents of other tabs by default.

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Firefox es lento en una tablera android se detiene mucho y eso me hace perder tiempo en buscar en el navegador

Firefox is slow on an android tablet it stops a lot and that makes me waste time searching in the browser

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I can't agree more with this.

In my opinion, Firefox for Android is designed for Android smartphones and tablets. But when I download and install the latest version on my tablet. It doesn't fit the big screen well.
It just like a larger version of smartphone.
I tried several other web browser on my tablet. Such as kiwi-browser , Chrome , edge and samsung browser. They performed well on the big screen of tablet. Just like the desktop version.
I think Firefox for Android should perform more like the desktop verison on tablet but not the bigger smartphone. It's very frustrating for me because I have to use other web browser on my tablet rather than my favorite Firefox.

I have used the older version (ver.68) of Firefox for Android. It's much better than the present user interface.
Why Firefox for Android doesn't fit for tablet now?

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Google and Android seems to be focusing on tablets again, and I think FF needs to stay relevant in this space. We need a tablet friendly UI. 😄

Strollin' around

I wholeheartedly agree with the notion brought up in this request.
I think that another thing preventing Firefox from being a proper tablet browser, is the lack of keyboard hot keys and shortcuts.
Such requests can be found here, and here.