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In medical imaging, a clinician will have special high resolution and calibrated displays to view images on.

These are normally arranged as one or two (or even 3 or 4) of the special monitors in portrait orientation and then and normal display.

For browser based image viewing applications, it is necessary to "move" the tab or window containing the viewing application onto the correct displays. This will usually involve, detaching the tab from the parent window, moving the tab to the correct display(s) including resizing.

In order to position the window, we must know the destination location to position the window as well as the bounds.

In chrome, we are able to use the chrome.system.display API to get the information about the displays and their configuration and present a nice settings page to the user where they can simply select the displays they'd like the window to be moved to.

In Firefox, we are unable to do this. Our current solution is to have the user drag and resize a window in the intended location that we then capture. This is cumbersome and inaccurate as its very hard to get things lined up to the edge of the screen.

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