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i have switched from chrome since past 1 month and firefox is just better. the only thing i did not find easy is the option for having multiple profiles to be used at ease, could be better if there was one to easily access seperate profiles for work and home

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Dirty fix: remove the Firefox snap package and install it as a .deb package; follow this tutorial:

Note: this method will create new profile folders, and you'll have to reconfigure Firefox from scratch (or sync it again).

I've been using this solution since September 2022, and Profile Switch works flawlessly.


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Please add with Firefox 113 a shortcut for create, customize and delete profiles in Firefox, like Chrome or Edge. The people Wii like this. 


There might be an "Idea" you can vote for over on the Ideas side of this site:

If not, you can post a new one.

Anyway, nothing major is likely to change in Firefox 113. For at least the next few months, you'll still need to use the about:profiles page (see

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add a better way to create and switch profiles

pls add a similar way to chrome for creating & switching between profiles 

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I am also leaving chrome for FF and want this same behavior. I found a plugin that lets you manage profiles and have a button for switching and it works ok, but is not as seamless as Chrome.

BUT there is also one thing that chrome does, that FF doesn't. If my 2nd profile has focus, and then from outside the browser, I click on a URL in a message / doc / etc. It still opens that link in the Profile #1, not in my 2nd profile which had the most recent focus. If I'm working in the 2nd profile, then anything I do outside of the browser should open in that profile.


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This sole function of Chrome is so tempting. I will stay with Firefox for now but I miss that so much.

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This is so essencial, and it seems to me that we really only miss a little UX work. There's already a button for showing with account I'm syncing, there's already all the needing background work for making full separated profiles. There's even extensions that try to replicate this behavior based on what Chrome have right now.

I know that software development teams usually have well refined backlogs, and putting something new on then with high priority is now good at all, but I also believe that as Mozilla is using Firefox to fight in the battle for Browser diversity, then UX has become one of the most important fronts on the war. Most people that uses this browser are not here looking for a feature. Forums are not for the daily user. They will just look for another browser that suits they needs. And having at least Work and Personal profiles syncing with different accounts (which containers doesn't allow us right now) is really basic.

Do we have a communication channel to see what's up on next releases? I know about nightly versions but would be nice to have just a 'Future Changelog' list to look at. If the changes we want are already there, we didn't need to come here ask for it 🙂

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I stopped using Firefox last week after using it for three months. The UX doesn't even come near Chrome.

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Add Profiles

Almost all modern browser has easy profile set-up, please include it in Firefox.

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This is definitely something i want firefox to do as soon as possible. Its too complicated to switch profiles in firefox. It would be a real life-saver if firefox adds a profile button to switch between profiles with ease. I think this is a fundamental thing in any web browser, and could not understand how firefox missed it.