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Story 1: I am one of the legion of people with dozens of tabs open on device A that I would love to read or otherwise process (read it, fill in the form, finally buy the shirt ...). They aren't worth bookmarking but I have to get to them someday. Later, while device B is in front of me, I have some time to process tabs. Using Firefox sync, I open a few of the tabs on A and do what I need to do. I am now done with these tabs, they no longer spark joy, and I can finally remove some clutter in the list of synced tabs and on device A.

Story 2: Device A is a work computer where some tabs are useful only at work, but a dozen of them are shopping tabs I was browsing while on company time. I have time to finally pick a shirt and buy it at home, but the clutter of work-related tabs makes it hard to find the shopping tabs. I never want to see the work tabs on the computer at home--they're more clutter and some I can't even access outside of the work network--but I don't want to turn off sync entirely.

Solution: First, allow me to remove items from the list of tabs hosted on device A displayed in the list of tabs on device B. For example, right-click on the tab in the list of synced tabs and select 'hide tab on this device'.

Second, just as we can push an "open tab" request from one device to another, use the proposed right-click menu to push a "close tab" request. When I get back to device A at work tomorrow, I can accept the close tab requests, one at a time or all at once.

Alternatively, I have an "open tab" option, but also a "steal tab" option. The steal (or transfer) option simultaneously opens that tab on device B and closes it on device A (or if that is technically not possible, sends a close tab request).

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Yes, in the new world where everything is going digital, the physical location or device we are using should be relatively incidental. I am a died in the wool Firefox user and was surprised when I could *read* my open tabs from another device/room/city but could not close the tab.

Having only read access to my list of tabs is nice, but less than half of the needed functionality. It's kind of like the scene in Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail where the cave man carves "arghhhhh" into the wall as he dies.  If there's time to do that, there's time to finish the job!

I realize there might be security, privacy or other considerations, but give us something. Maybe we could move to a local bookmark group (e.g., "Now Worthless") which we could then go through and delete later. I just want the articles I dealt with gone.  It's basic work flow design.  The Manifesto of Done!

Please, please make this happen in some form at least?

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I was searching for a way to do this, too! It's absolutely necessary, IMO!

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It has now been 13 years, and we have yet to have this ESSENTIALLY ESSENTIAL functionality.


Please for the LOVE OF THE FOX 🦊, Let us take a whiff of this possibility of managing tabs through our devices that are using the same FF account.


(13 years because FF mobile came out in 2010)