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Making moves
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Hi, recently I just start to use Firefox...again. So, I notice Firefox already have the feature where user can register and login to sync their browser settings, but not all apparently. Please sync all settings once the user login to Firefox browser, like bookmarks, saved passwords, browsing history, browser appearances (light theme, dark theme, customized toolbar), so that when I use Firefox in another PC/laptop, I just need to login to my Firefox browser, and it will be appeared 100% exactly like the previous Firefox in my previous PC/laptop. Chrome does this, and I hope Firefox will too.

Strollin' around

+1 this is must-have, be able to sync tampermonkey scripts and settings, uBlock settings, rules, filters

New member

Also, please save the various Search settings:  which search engines are listed, default search engine, user-created search shortcuts, etc.  There appear to many checkbox settings that are not saved in the sync file in other Settings pages.  In short, ALL user selected or created settings ought to be in the sync file for use across multiple platforms.

Making moves

I've left a comment into a forum discussion about this, asking them to consider enhancing the set user settings synchronizable to firefox account.