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New member
Status: New idea

I would like to suggest that you come up with a way to be able to save a window and its tabs into something like history that's more accessible. The point to this is to save system resources while doing other work.

An example of this would be this: A Firefox window is opened to shop for PC components. Multiple tabs are opened to various websites comparing prices. I would like a way to save that window and it's tabs and come back to it later. Minimizing that window would leave all those processes AND THEIR ADS running, downloading, playing, etc. in the background and I don't want that. Going back to it in History only saves the latest window. I would like to be able to save several of these windows with their tabs on different "topics" to go back to after work or on the weekend.

If there's an add-in that will do this, that would work too.



New member

Honestly a brilliant idea. This should come in handy when sourcing information for research papers for college or if I want to save everything work related in a named window to reopen at a later date. Hope they find a way to add this feature.  Now that I think about it, why not add functionality to cluster tabs into nameable groups? I could see this being more effective on the mobile side of things though. Just my two cents.

New member

Came here for the same idea.Need to save a Window with all Tabs for later. Hope this feature will end up in a future version.

Although now i downloaded tha suggested Tab Session Mgr. Maybe it will fulfil my need.

Anyway thanks for the good work with Firefox.

New member

Saving instances of multi-tabs is a high priority for me.  I often need to know what I was working on before, and being able to pull up a history of saved tabs would be a great boon for me.