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Making moves
Status: New idea

In 2020, Mozilla introduced Collections on the new Firefox for Android (Fenix) as part of the multiple changes to its Browser on Google's OS. It was (and still is) a good idea, but there hasn't been any development on this feature since then, which is a shame since there is a lot that can be done to truly make Collections useful, practical and easy to use, so that it may become on of the staple features highlighting Firefox for Android from other android browsers.


What should be done:

1.1 Allow the choice of the Collection's colour (from those already supported) upon its creation, at the same time as its naming.

1.2 Furthermore, instead of the "Rename Collection" option upon pressing the "3-dots" button, we should have "Edit Collection" so that we may also change later on the Colour of the Collection.


2.1 In the "Customize Homepage" Setting, Allow to Switch On/Off and choose one mode of Automatically Sorting Collections:
- Alphabetical
- Newest to Oldest
- Oldest to Newest

2.2 Allow Long-press, then Drag-and-Drop to manually Sort Collections (when Automatic Sorting is disabled as proposed in 2.1), both on the Homepage and the "Customize Homepage" setting


3.1 Expanding on the "Edit Collection" option in 1.2 , allow a Switch to Automatically Sort Tabs, again Alphabetically, Newest to Oldest or Oldest to Newest.

3.2 There should also be an option to enable manual sorting in "Edit Collection" by Long-press + Drag-and-Drop within that Setting.


4. Allow to Long-press and select multiple Tabs in a Collection (with possible actions being Bookmark, Delete or Open in Private Tabs).


Alternatives to 2.2 and 3.2 (while also being a possible action for 4. ) :

  • Enable an option to "Send/Push to the Top" of the List


I think that working on all these ideas concurrently would be simpler (since there is some integration with one another) and well-received by everyone as a major and refreshing feature update. 

Status changed to: New idea
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Not applicable

I have little hope for Firefox for Android. What on earth can I protect by using that OS with Firefox?

Making moves

What about syncing? Unless collections are synced, they are spent months to create the collection and you decide to factory reset phone, switch phone or any other reason, collections are gone!

Making moves

First and foremost thing needed is syncing the collections

Community Manager
Community Manager

@SheikhAzharuddi thanks for joining the conversation! Here is an idea for syncing collections:

collections synchronizable 

New member

Sync is most important.

Then "undo" for delete

Then sort/reorder

Strollin' around

Collection's are a great idea but when it grows you do need a way of sorting as per bookmarks, I have spent a while googling for this and took a while to find this site so please could we have the same features as sorting bookmarks

Community Manager
Community Manager
Strollin' around

I like all the suggested new features, but if had to reduce their number (and the development effort) and If I had to choose just a couple,  I would choose the following:

1. Allow Long-press, then Drag-and-Drop to manually Sort Collections

2. Allow Long-press, then Drag-and-Drop to manually Sort Items inside a Collection