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New member
Status: New idea

The earlier version is better. Only show the purple private mode icon. Please keep the icon indicator, but please remove the "Private browsing" text.

Making moves

Now, the option to remove it from about:config has itself been removed.

I believe that the icon was quite enough to distinguish visually between Private and normal windows. The text is just superfluous, and it takes space in the tabs bar so that less tabs can fit in.

I don't think the option in about:config should be restored... i respectfully believe the change itself should be reversed!

New member

I fully agree with S2000.

The icon in the title bar is enough. The text just uses up valuable tab space, especially when you have two browser windows arranged side-by-side (horizontal split).

If needed, the "New Private Tab" content could be adjusted to more clearly indicate that the current window is for private browsing or explain what this means.