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Familiar face
Status: New idea

I think it's unfair that Google did not get removed as well in the latest "update".

Familiar face

Google, for better or for worse, funds Firefox for the honor of being the "default" search engine. Last time Firefox switched the default engine (to Yahoo), normies complained and Firefox switched it back.

Even if Firefox were to successfully transition to a new default search engine that better aligns with their values, people will still want Google as an option.

Making moves

İf firefox want goole and post yandex to bin then i would not use firefox or any of its components, now i turned to yandex browser. its a shame for fire fox as it was said to be free and open .. now we understand it was not really..

Familiar face

You see, that's where capitalism (not implying it in a bad way, just facts) come into play. Firefox's major funding part comes from Google - they pay a big number to be a default search engine. If they remove it? they won't have their money. Mozilla will not cease to exist, but it would need to either encorporate ads, or tracking or close many other projects they have aside from Firefox to stay afloat. Or maybe Firefox will stagnate even harder.

The other thing is that they can believe they make a greater good and Google does the "same greater good" by censoring other opinions, like it's a game "winner or sinner: who's less evil is the winner and it's own terrible sins are absolved automatically like they never existed"

So it's either big tech is believing only one side and are playing god, or big tech is a hostage to the market and US/EU government. Either way - no transparency and one-way justice, which is not justice.

New member

I find it problematic that mozilla accepts this funding, very problematic. Even more since...

1) there is no search engine symbol in FF any more in the URL field to easily change the search engine with one click (was there in previous versions)

2) Google is the preset default search engine and many not so technically skilled users will not click through the settings and change this (think: my boomer father)

Suggestion: firstly, re-introduce the search engine symbol in the url field to easily change SE and secondly, upon starting FF the first time, do a question dialogue where users can set their preferred SE and give a quick hint on how to change it later.



Making moves