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New member
Status: New idea

Please remove Enterprise policies support from standard Firefox.

Admins trying to block extensions and password saving.

This is just forcing us to move to another browser and that might not be as secure as Firefox.


The goal of enterprise policies is specifically so admins can prevent these types of things within their organizations.

That way a user can't install a browser that bypasses company policies.

I would assume if they block extensions on extensions and password saving, they block that in other browsers (Edge/Chrome) as well?

I would recommend you talk to your IT department about this.

New member

If admins want to block things then they should use ESR version of Firefox..

But the standard version of Firefox should not have these enterprise functionality.

This way admins can pre-install Firefox ESR and control them on computers that don't allow installation of applications.


However we have admin right to our computers to install applications we need.

meaning we can just compile a firefox clone to get around this grouppolicy stuff,, but then we might not update our clone very often,, so that can be a security problem with outdated clones.


Again please remove the enterprise functionality from standard version of firefox so we can use an secure and uptodate version.