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Status: New idea

Regex checkbox in "Find In Page" tool.

It would be cool for power users to be able to search text patterns instead of exact matches.

It can be limited to EcmaScript implementation and have a warning tooltip about performance, but I think power users will be glad to see that they can search specific patterns on some pages (some codes with variable characters, multiple variations of phrases, different wordings, etc).

Making moves

So far this is the only suggested feature that sounded interesting to me. I might be willing to chip in 10 bucks to help it happen. Would you?

However, part of the reason I found it interesting is that I doubt a lot of people would be willing to put money on it, which is the key to the funding-related suggestion I submitted. And that suggestion seems to have vanished into the vacuum. Perhaps it's pending on moderation? (So I tried to get back to my first submission and can't find a trace of it... The login process is also tedious and I might pay to improve that. The badges are annoying to the point of being demotivating, so I might donate towards an option to make them less visible for me. (So many problems, so little time, but it smells of desperation in Mozilla-ville.))

Making moves

There should be some kind of feedback then a comment was successfully posted. Especially when the system seems to be so hyper-paranoid about putting everything in suspense. (So I tried again and discovered that the system does have a sanity check against double-posting, though the wording was tilted on the rude side. I was NOT attempting to flood anything--and I still don't know if I succeeded in submitting my comment... It is still hidden in limbo somewhere.)

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Hi all! I hope to help you guys.

My idea ... based in this idea:


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I just made an account here to request this feature, but i found this post from months ago.

I would really appreciate the idea of Regex search being available out of the box. Especially in the Firefox Developer Edition where would make more sense to have Regex enabled (or option to choose) since almost any developer would be familiar with and benefit from Regex.


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Allow an option for users to use regular expression syntax to better find certain parts of a page while using the control-f feature. There are a couple extensions that claim to offer this, but are in my experience a little janky and don't seem to work correctly.

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Regular Expression support in the search box on the Ctrl + F shortcut can make searching very easy.

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Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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Any news on this?

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is there a plan to add this?

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Any progress yet?