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Strollin' around
Status: New idea


I suggest to add a message prompt to confirm folder drag and drop in the folder tree.

It's too easy to make a mess in the folder tree ( especially with a bad mouse!) which will take plenty of time of IMAP server exchange.

Actually I use Disable DragAndDrop by Takayama Fumihiko, thanks to him.  but It asks for a lot of permissions.


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New member

Yes please, far too easy to move messages and/or nest folders unintentionally. Definitely need some way to confirm the move to prevent unintended moving or filing of messages that are then impossible to find if one has numerous folders and sub-folders. Also option to disable for those who don't want it. Apparent only alternative currently is Disable DragAndDrop by Takayama Fumihiko but this is no use if one needs constantly to drag emails into specific folders as it has to be disabled to do this.

Making moves


I second that request.  It's getting tough to keep from moving folders inadvertently.  I do currently get the folder moving message that says that the rules will be altered to match the move.  Why not just add a cancel move to that dialogue?


New member

I have to agree rhandel! I couldn´t understand, that this VERY BIG user interface gap has long been solved.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make  drag´n drop between different folders, doesn´t matter if only between one mail account or more, but realized it. It will be a big benefit for user interface!