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Making moves
Status: New idea

The new print dialog has been a great source of contention for many people, but I'm trying my best to not be a complainer. That said, there is one thing that needs changed ASAP: the custom page range field behavior.

The "custom" page entry field should always be visible, rather than having to change the drop down menu to "custom" just to expose it. It requires too many inputs to print a custom page range currently. You must click the drop-down menu, click custom, then enter custom page ranges. Alternatively, you must hit TAB 3 times, then C.

It should instead be always visible, and when a user selects the field and begins to type, the "pages" selection should automatically change to "custom." This would be far more intuitive and require fewer inputs.

The old print dialog worked the suggested way, as does the Windows system print dialog. Being different and requiring more steps is not productive.

New member

If you want to stick to the new print dialogue (which I don't prefer since you have to click several more times to get to a custom print range), just add the option for "First Page" with "All", "Even", "Odd", and "Custom" .  That would take care of 99% of my custom print ranges without having to click extra and use mouse and keyboard.

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Making moves

Why was any effort invested in changing this? I found the old "Print Preview" var more useful than the new print dialog.