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While mobile Firefox OS was certainly a difficult challenge, I don't think it would be as reckless on a desktop or laptop. I think it's dangerous for something like Chrome OS to become popular, and it is worth competing against. Would the OS like below be possible?

  • Fully open source
  • Strong security and privacy protection
  • User-friendly
  • Active use of web apps
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This is off-topic, but despite ZorinOS having Firefox pre-installed, there are a noticeable number of users who use Brave. I know how Brave was developed so I am not brave enough to use it.

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ChromeOS needs an open-source Firefox based alternative.

There was a FirefoxOS project. But it was aimed at mobile devices. It was the foundation for what now is KaiOS (

The most versatile human interface today is the browser. And it is platform independent.

Please restart FirefoxOS, but this time for desktop and mobile.


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I'm already trying to replicate Firefox os on my pixel. by deleting any app and creating a website shortcut or pwa version if applicable. if they revitalize it or even made a desktop version that is similar to chromeos flex where I can just download it. I would be sold.