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Strollin' around
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With the version Firefox 109 release, you added this new button without the option to change its position or move into the overflow area. Please let use move it. I can remove/hide almost every other UI element in the browser, why not this?

Strollin' around

The faithful users can be IT people who DECIDE if firefox is allowed on the organization's devices... and many people just want to use what they have at work...

Mozilla needs to stop going the extra mile to be hostile to it's user base. This move removed functionality from the overflow menu and had to take extra steps to make a unique toolbar item that is unlike all the others. It sure seems like some employee wants a job at google...

If they want extra work they could have made the toolbar item auto-add itself after your 1st extension or every new extension. People without extensions NEVER need to see it.

Unlike MOST software firefox is quite extendable and new UI changes can be tested by bundled extensions and then see how many remove them...or hate on the extension. Being open source, a faction of users can continue work on it and it could evolve to integrated or default.  Something to consider is "bundled extensions" which can't be removed but can be disabled (including replacement extensions) or a bookmark like list of the mozilla bundled extensions set which can be re-added easily at any time.  I certainly would like an easy way to add the most common set of extensions (outside organizational IT.)

Strollin' around

What purpose does it serve for a quickmenu for addons to include ones with no function to click on them?

If you don't allow hiding the menu, then at least add a toggle in about:addons for which addons to include in the list.

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2 incompatible methods to customize the toolbar is bad UI 😠

1 of them being immutable is bad UI 😠

i don't care what defaults you think you need to put out there just make sure people who use this browser as a tool can control it.

handy work around from Terry

"I discovered that you can hit the extension button, right-click on an app's button, and select "pin to toolbar."

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Long time Firefox user, first time commenter. I haven't really had a problem with Firefox before, but the instance on keeping this button fixed when everything else is changeable is baffling

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Thank You - MintMain21

your techdows link gave me the data needed to fix this.

I already use stlyesheets to fix the wretched and eternally despised "tabs on top".

i just added the line of code to the bottom of my existing userchrome.css file. now the unwanted and unmovable extensions icon is gone.

stylesheets have been a life saver against the FF team's repeated attempts to anger and alienate the people that use their browser.

Firefox Team, listen up! - Your community loves this browser for its customization. That is your strong suit and a huge gift. FF is the only browser i use since I can make it the way i want. I also like Brave but I do NOT use it on my computer because i cannot put the tap on bottom (WHERE THEY BELONG for me). I have resorted to using older outdated versions of FF until i found solutions to fix the un-customizable changes you make. I like my FF browser layout. If you make a change to it, consider your community's wishes and make it customizable!

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The "Terry" workaround is the way to go. You still have the stupid 'puzzle piece' that is useless you have to look at, but my ABP, Cookie Manager and Javascript-switch icons I use constantly are right there without headache now. See the novaboy post right above on page 23. Now I'm Happy!

Making moves


Tabs on the bottom?

I just recently 3? years ago switch to tabs on the side (TreeST). The bottom, mind blown. Why can't this be an option. A Simple option, So I can try it.

Even Mac OS X used to allow you to put the dock (usually at the bottom, I prefer right side) at the top of all craziness if you're willing to get your hands into the terminal. I could never understand why A. it got removed and B. isn't just an option to begin with.

I like that firefox is consistent across all platforms, however it's beginning to have more and more bells and whistles taken out. that I then have to have extensions and modifications for. There was one day I found my pinned squares suddenly getting rearranged by ad squares.

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Well I just want the Firefox team to listen to me they haven't approved my threads yet 😠 it goes to show you how much they care...

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The default for almost all current browsers, is tabs above the url bar (at the very top of the window). Several years ago they used to be just below the url (or just below bookmark bar if enable).

When FF moved them to the top, you could undo the change by unchecking "tabs on top". then in later versions of FF that option was removed, forcing the tabs to be on top.

i have used stylesheet (.css file) to correct this ever since to option was removed. And have had to modify it about three times over the years so that it would keep the tabs where i want them.

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Having tabs at the top means that more mouse movements are required to change tabs

Also, the URL bar used to be huge and hard to see

These changes are unnecessary, and if they are to be made, they should be turned off by default and the user should be able to select them.