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Strollin' around
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With the version Firefox 109 release, you added this new button without the option to change its position or move into the overflow area. Please let use move it. I can remove/hide almost every other UI element in the browser, why not this?

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So Mozilla removed the ability to hide the icon using the about:config settings in the latest update. Firefox used to be the best browser because it was customizable and users were not forced into anything. Over the past couple of years now we're getting more and more forced UI changes because someone things they have a better understanding of what I want in a UI than I do. This is the same garbage that annoys people about Microsoft, Google, Apple among others. Do I really have to start looking for a new browser again?


Making moves

The hacks don't work in FF 111.  So I'll continue to leave Firefox pinned at 108, and continue to use Waterfox as my default browser, rather than the BROKENNESS that is FF 109+.

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The Extensions button should act like the Downloads button, the Favorites button, the Library button, the History button, etc.  I should be able to move it, push it into overflow, or use 'Customize Toolbar' to remove it entirely if I want.  I do not interact with extensions frequently -- it's just wasted space for me.

Firefox used to support user customizations of the GUI...?

Strollin' around

Glad Firefox let's me customize the UI as much as it does, so this sticks out like a sore thumb every time I open the browser. I understand adding it by default so transferring from chrome is easy as possible, but its pretty frustrating that nothing can be done to remove it unlike every other toolbar button. Please make it in the same class as them in the next release.

Making moves

I'm not totally opposed to the new unified extensions button, but I would like the option of dragging and dropping my most frequently used extensions to the main toolbar for ease of access, to eliminate needless mouse clicks.

Thank you.

Making moves

Another user around here who hates that button, and even more pissed off when version 111 stopped working.

extensions.unifiedExtensions.enabled = false


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I do not use any extensions so why is that icon on my toolbar in the space where I keep the "show your bookmarks" icon which I do use?

I was able to remove it in prior releases, but now it is not only in the toolbar, but it is in a space where it is in my way. Why can I not at least move it out of the way? It is 100% useless to me.

The fact Firefox has product managers who are so clueless as to how people are using their product does not bode well for the future. I have used Firefox exclusively for probably close to a decade, but it seems it is now time to find an alternative.

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Version 111 is forcing us to use the ugly button, because the about:config option is ignored.

Mozilla: please let us decide about to use it or not.

Maybe is time for a fork.

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Does anyone know where the reasoning FOR the new mandatory button was discussed?  All I've found is reasons it's bad to make it mandatory and stuck in the certain spot rather than the benefits from this lack of choice?  I presume someone somewhere thought it was a good idea for one reason or another? 

I note a comment saying that the new extensions format would use the button in its fixed location, but 99 percent of the time I have no interaction with overflowed extensions or extension management functions of Firefox?  Just bring it to the front on those few occasions and let it be hidden the rest of the time?  Have the overflow menu flash yellow or something if there's a status inside needing attention rather than a permanent button just in case it needs to indicate something?

I also don't need the tab list drop down menu/tab search button permanently stuck there and which seems to have the remove option greyed out too?  Why the forcing of this either I don't get it?

I know you can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs now and again, but I can't even find the omelette, just more and more broken eggs?

Making moves

To add my voice to the others, I also do not like the way this extensions button works. It ought to be customizable, movable, and if desired by the user, removable.

Frankly, I liked the previously existing overflow menu just fine!

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Just, why? I don't understand the choice of making it stuck there. Very annoying, and I don't use it.

Making moves

The old setup (extension buttons on toolbar) should be the default.

Most plugins rely on you being able to click on them to interact. The new 'mode' destroys most plugins utility.

Strollin' around

Дайте возможность убрать кнопку расширений с панели инструментом! Причина безопасности настроек расширения

Make it possible to remove the extensions button from the toolbar! Reason for security of extension settings

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This extension button is a downgrade from the overflow menu in every way - I can't move it, it's WAY too big for what it actually does, and it lists every single extension that I've got installed, despite most of them not needing any form of interaction at all. Let me hide extensions from this list, reduce the size of the extension window, and let me move it around the menu bar. I just don't understand why this daft thing was introduced in the first place.