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Strollin' around
Status: Trending idea

With the version Firefox 109 release, you added this new button without the option to change its position or move into the overflow area. Please let use move it. I can remove/hide almost every other UI element in the browser, why not this?

New member

I created an account just to post this.

I want the option to hide this button.

New member

Firefox always was customizable tool and I appreciate the ability to have as minimal setup as possible.
Behavior with Extensions icon is an anti-pattern for Firefox in my opinion.

This Icon should be customizable with menu or with config flags. I guess a lot of people just don't want it. If Firefox team has shift in their view of the future UI, at least give the ability to customize it.

Making moves

I'm not happy about how limited the Overflow Menu is now. I had many buttons & extensions sorted and setup and now have lost all that functionality.

Please return the more open-ended Overflow Menu's functionality.

Making moves


I definitely want the option to move the button, Firefox is famous for customization options, don't take it away from us now, I like making it my own! Please!

New member

le ultime versioni stanno dando dei problemi su facebook, i video che apri non si vedono!

New member

For cryin out loud, let the darn button be moveable.  And let us add padding to the far right of the bar so we can center all the toolbar items

New member

If I can't really customize the toolbar like I want and am stuck with a permanent extensions button, I might as well permanently switch to Brave. At least there I can customize my new tab page much more. We're already stuck with a continuous marketing and service push from Mozilla, which is not the same company as 10 years ago.

New member

Google Chrome added a similar, also unmovable, button to their browser a while ago which is actually what caused me to switch to Firefox in the first place. It may be a small thing, but I just don't understand why it can't be optional. Let those who like it keep it there or move it, let those of us who don't hide it.

New member

User choice is needed. Please allow us the freedom to remove the extensions icon from the toolbar.

Familiar face

So, the overflow button is useless now? I cannot move toolbar extensions icons neither to to the overflow nor to the extensions panels and that's intentional? Wrong step in my opinion