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Spark mail already has this feature for years and it looks beautiful. Please add this to Thunderbird to show logo's in the inbox on the left of each email. It would absolutely make the app stunning and organized. One glance and you can find the email you want or need based on the logo or picture.


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Making moves

Yes! This is a great idea +1

New member

I actually made an account just for this. This is the nr 1 reason why I haven't switched to Thunderbird yet. I like the cards view but it still needs something like this to actually be up with the modern email apps out there. Also an iOS app is something I would like!

New member

I've been using Edison email and Spark email on my phone as well. Great feature, looks very neat. There are many providers now who show avatars but I think Spark does it well because it downloads the avatars online rather than only show a profile picture which was setup. For instance if you get an email from DHL or Nike you will automatically see their logo even if it was not setup in the card. Thunderbird should definitely support this native if they want to make the UI feel modern.

Strollin' around

BIMI solves this idea.

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I think this would be a great addition and would go a long way toward making the inbox GUI more "modern"

Strollin' around

I would like this feature a lot. I find icons/avatar make inboxes much more readable. Not just for brands or companies, but users in your address book as well.

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Absolutely. It's way easier to identify email when they have that profile icon beside their name. This is one of the last remaining reasons why I still don't use Thunderbird as my regular email client.

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It's crazy that such a simple, obvious and useful feature requires a request to apply !!