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Making moves
Status: New idea

This is an accessibility request. I use Firefox to listen to Youtube videos while driving. If I need to rewind a video due to having missed something, it requires taking it out of my pocket, turning the screen on, opening Firefox, and double tapping to rewind. It is a lot of steps to perform while driving, and is not ideal.

My car has the bluetooth seek buttons, which Android can use in a music playing app to go to the previous track or the next track. In Firefox, these buttons do nothing. I'd like to submit a feature request so that these buttons can optionally be used in Firefox to perform the rewind/fast forward feature in Youtube. I am not sure about other websites for audio streaming, but if there are other popular sites for audio playback this could work for them as well.

I feel this would make it much safer to use Firefox to listen to audio while driving, as well as easier in general. And this feature has uses outside of just while driving. I will listen to a video through a Bluetooth speaker in other scenarios as well, and being able to rewind via those commonly available buttons would be very useful.

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