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Making moves
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In Firefox Android, I often have multiple tabs open. When I scroll up and down to navigate through the tabs, I sometimes accidentally close a tab. Probably because I was swiping diagonally up. I have a few seconds to click the undo button that pops up.

I've never intentionally used this gesture since I click the x button to close a tab.

Please add an option to disable the side swipe gesture.

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Yes, so annoying.

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yes please. its really really hard to use for me.

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This is an extremely annoying issue. In the past, I was able to press undo and it would restore the page state, but now it looks like it closes the tab immediately so the page state is lost even after pressing undo.

even if you swipe 1-2 pixels, it closes the tab. its too sensitive and I have lost numerous tabs because of this.


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I would favor an option to disable the horizontal-swipe-to-close but I would take a sensitivity fix. For some reason accidental tab closure via swipe has been happening to me more and more lately.

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It wasn't a big problem for me on my old phone, but now on my new phone Firefox became basically unusable, it is way to sensitive. I cannot scroll through the not very long list of open tabs without accidentally closing an open tab at least once. Please, please disable or make much less sensitive/improve the up/sidewards swipe distinction.

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I am so annoyed with the swipe recently that I even registered an account to get this a vote!!

Please, give us an option to disable swipe to close for tabs.

Thank you!

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registered an account just to upvote!

recently, half the time i scroll it will close a tab. i thankfully have quick enough reflexes to reopen them, but its extremely annoying and way too sensitive/janky. i'm literally just scrolling up!

plus, it'd be a great accessability feature for people with tremors or issues with motor skills, who may otherwise accidentally close tabs because of their disability!

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One more voice for disabling it or adding an option to disable it. It pisses me of and makes the browser almost unusable

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As @NegativeOne said back on 02-21-2024 02:01 AM:

> I've noticed this became common in a more recent update. The old behaviour was better which suggests this is just a bug.

>I like the idea of an option to disable the swipe all together but this could also be solved by just increasing the amount of horizontal swipe required to close a tab back to how it was before?

This is also my experience and thinking. I don't know exactly when it changed, but it was not always like this. I personally would like to disable the application swipe actions, as I do when offered by other applications, but if the Firefox swipe sensitivity was returned to what it used to be, as a bug fix, that would be helpful. Also, keep in mind that Google has standardized on the global swipe back gesture (from both left and right) in the OS, which can make application swipes more cumbersome.

Strollin' around

I would like to be given the option to disable this anti-feature too. I swipe up and yet another tab I want retained is closed. Grrrr! Please Mozilla,  add a switch so I can turn it off. Thank you.


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This gesture is *way* too sensitive, it regularly dismisses tabs i want just trying to scroll the screen. Please add it to the gestures settings page so i can disable it like all the other gestures!

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As has been said repeatedly so far, tabs function in FF Mobile has changed.

For me it was less than 3 weeks ago. For years now one of my non-complained about complaints (that I just dealt with) was the tabs could be half a pain in the ass to close. Multiple swipes or tapping X to get one to close. But if you were very specific in your action it would work fine enough. And you could "power fling scroll up and down ALL day long"

Enter my last FF update a few weeks ago.

Now the tabs FLY off the screen when attempting to scroll. Can barely get the history to scroll without a tab FLYING away. If I am extremely careful I can swipe up or down from the middle of the tab history. But not always.

A couple of hours ago I opened history and I was looking at the tab page. My right thumb was hovering over an X on one of the tabs. I would guess 2-4mm over the screen. Absolutely did NOT touch the screen. And the tab closed.

So, DROP THE SENSITIVITY or give us the setting/option to adjust the sensitivity or the option to disable the tab close swipes.

It is BEYOND me that I am having to take the time to write this about an OBVIOUS issue.

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My god, yes. I hardly noticed with my old phone, but I ended up with a larger model after the last one bricked. The bigger screen means a larger horizontal deviation from a swipe to scroll the same distance, so the muscle memory that was fine on a smaller phone is closing a tab essentially every time I have to scroll now. Swiping entirely vertically is not a natural motion during normal use - normal swipes will always take on an arc since the rest of your hand stays in place. This needs to be fixed.

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Firefox Android - Settings > Enable/disable deleting tabs by horizontal swipe

It easily happens tab deleting by horizontal swiping. There is an 'undo' message to make the tab reappear, but you must be fast to touch it. Expecially when you scroll with one hand it's easy to make it happen. Turning this options on/off from the Options would be much useful.

Firefox Mobile 

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I also created an account to ask for this feature to be modified or switch offable.

I agree that it feels like it has become worse recently.