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I have had problems with the latest version of Safari on my Mac and am looking for another browser. Firefox seems like the best choice so far but it has one feature I cannot get used to and may ultimately prevent me from using it. That feature is the position of the tabs at the top, above the website address. Please give us the option of putting the tabs where they belong, BELOW the URL address bar and directly above the webpages.

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Frankly, since FF used to have this feature, this request should be considered a bug fix, and not a wish list item.  We should never have lost this.

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I use this userChrome.css, which works well for me to give me tabs below the URL bar on Firefox 113.

Make sure you have the file in the right place. Also, in FF's about:config, don't forget to set toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets to true.


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kdato, That is how i get around the problem. I am so grateful to the people that write these scripts. Trouble is, we are never sure how long it will be before a Firefox update stops that script from working correctly. And then, and if your like me and do not have a clue how to fix the issue, we are then back to Google searching in hope that someone's amended the script so that it works once more.

I am on Firefox 113, and it's been bugging me everyday to download the latest update, but because i am not sure if it's going to break the function of the script again i am holding off on the update. And i know people that have gone into the registry and edited it so that it prevents Firefox from updating again. Obviously not the best of ideas.

If the devs at Firefox would simply allow us to put the tab bar where it should be, all of this would be avoided. If people can get the tab bar where they want it to be via a script, then why is it so hard for the Firefox team to give us the option?

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Yes,please. Vivaldi,Opera and Samsung browser on android has this feature,and it's so good we don't have to press 2 buttons for switching tabs only 1 button. It increases productivity.

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Tabs on bottom

Put back the option to place tabs on bottom under address bar and bookmarks bar.

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Move Tabs Below Location Bar

At least give me the option to put the tabs where I need them to be. Please.

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