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Sometimes I want to browse desktop sites on my mobile phone (this is common and you offer this feature too), but the way businesses serve mobile web pages is not consistent, sometimes they use m.[their_hostname], sometimes they use a completely different way, which brings up the problem that switching to the desktop version of the site doesn't have the desired effect. As an example, when I visit a mobile web service ([UID]), I cannot get useful information, so I use the function of switching to the desktop web page. However, instead of the correct url ([UID]), I get ([UID]), which shows "page error".
On the kiwi browser (android) using the chromium kernel, switching to desktop web pages is natural, it switches from ([UID]) to ([UID]).
I wish developers to optimize the functionality of switching to desktop side web pages. Of course if this feature would cause privacy concerns, maybe an alternative would be to add the ability to always load desktop web pages (switch to the mobile web page when needed), which actually I've been using on kiwi browsers that have this feature.

In fact, even if the switch to the desktop web page is optimized, I still want to add the feature that always loads the desktop web page. If the Internet media service providers you visit frequently emphasize downloading their apps or provide limited information on mobile pages, which as I mentioned above, you'll be more than happy to keep loading desktop pages.

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