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Time is MONEY! Famous saying and oh, so TRUE.

I am a long time user of the Fire Fox browser and have even made some small contributions in the past. My main reason is to deny people like Microsoft and Google as much access to my data and habits as possible. But I also want a browser that is as fast as possible because my time is not infinite.

Details of my situation: I am using a fairly old computer with a 64 bit processor and 8G memory, AT&T fiber internet connection, and Windows 10 operating system. I spend a fair amount of time on-line, mostly with the Firefox browser (V 119.0.1 (64-bit)).

My observation: When I go to a new internet page and, after a few seconds delay, start to scroll down to find what I wanted to see, that page will jump back to the top, making it necessary for me to start scrolling again. Sometimes this happens two or even three or more times. I am fairly sure that this happens when an item (probably an ad) that had to come from a different web site finally arrived in my computer. A related type of occurrence is after scrolling past a missing item, that items does arrive and the part of the page being displayed jumps either to include it or just upwards by the amount that said item occupies.

Both of these occurrences are annoying and, more importantly, TIME CONSUMING on my part.Time that I will never get back.

My Suggestion: I would like to suggest two things:

1. Once a viewer of any web page takes any actions on that page, like scrolling, there should be no jumping of the area being viewed. New items can arrive and be incorporated, but that should not interrupt viewing of the page.

2. I know the creators of web sites/pages want to insert advertisements for which they receive payments. But I would like to suggest that the needed space for those ads be a part of the ORIGINAL code used to first set-up a page and that original set-up include WHITE SPACE where those ads will be inserted when they finally arrive. The code for a page already includes markers for those ads so all that is needed is an addition that says a certain amount of white space should be left here. That way, when the ad arrives and is inserted, NOTHING HAS TO JUMP. And the user can continue reading what the user wanted to see.

I have worked for advertising companies and companies that earned their money from ads. I do understand how such things work. I also can attest to the FACT that when the ads irritate the viewers, those irritating ads DO NOT WORK. Instead of bringing new customers to the businesses which pay for them, they actually drive customers away. So, both of my suggestions are a WIN, WIN, and WIN. A win for the viewers. A win for the companies who host the web sites. And a win for the advertisers who buy ads there. Oh, wait, a fourth WIN for the people who create the web browsers - like Mozilla.

Thanks for reading.

Paul A.

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