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Status: New idea

This feature is very disruptive. In the modern web world many of the pages are bulky and slow to load. I propose a few modifications to this feature as I believe it is a good feature but needs some changes.

  1. Increase the default time to "clear" a page and remove it from memory. It feels like it clears it off after such a short while.
  2. Enable the feature to be toggled on or off complete
  3. Enable the feature settings to be "fine tuned" to suit the needs of the user. I would probably set it to ~2hrs based on my usage, as I jump back to firefox after working on features and now it is a big disruption to have to reload most pages that I am switching between...I have been a long time loyal firefox user but this is making me want to use chrome or something else...
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As an update to this post, I believe what I was experiencing was proactive memory management by firefox when my system memory was quite low. I had no idea what was going on and I assumed this was a new proactive memory management all the time feature. I would close this thread with perhaps a suggestion of an informative alert by firefox whenever it closes tab content due to exceeded system memory, along with the "ignore in the future" option. Would provide enough information to understand what was happening! Thanks!