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Status: In development


I was very surprised that Thunderbird does not offer an option to show the e-mail-adress of the sender in a column in the table (like the columns "From" and "Correspondents"). This new column would be very useful to quickly identify spam/junk e-mails.

This feature can be added with add-ons:

This feature seems very basic and simple and like it should not require an add-on.

If you do a Google search for this feature, then you find many people, who have asked for this feature for many years.

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thx a lot for a picking it up again!! 🎉😀

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@wsmwkThanks for picking this up.

Can you already tell us which option is going to be implemented. There have been several different suggestions.

  • Both name and <Mail address> in the Correspondents column
  • Toggle option for Name or Mail address in Correspondents column
  • Additional Column for mail address
  • Hint when hovering over Name

Thanks in advance, Marcel

Thunderbird Team
Thunderbird Team

Can you already tell us which option is going to be implemented.

Not yet.  At the present time, the precise method of implementation waiting on the conclusion of a broader technical discussion which is in progress at

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I really want this feature as I am receiving a lot of this type of spam and I have fallen for it in the past.

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@wsmwk  As details are currently still unknown, it obviously is not possible to say *how good* these news are, *but* this must not be mistaken with 'not good'. Quite the contrary; I am really looking forward to see this being implemented, allowing Thunderbird users, who regarded this as an essential feature and remained on v102.15.1, to upgrade the application and/or not having to switch to B***erbird.

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Hi, you can see the new feature implemented in Daily.

There are some settings to ensure that you can manage the display.

They are in Settings > Message List.

Here is also the official announcement from the team:


Let's give them kudos! they deserve that!

Making moves

But they call it recipient's mail address, we need it for sender's full email address.

That's what we desperately need.

Or do I miss something?

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I can't believe it took this long.

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@C-Dark  - this is it exactly what it's shown - the sender.



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Do you know whether one can sort the respective mail folder, say Inbox, by the senders' e-mail addresses?
My point of reference is the Łukasz Kosson "Full Address column" add-on, which, as a result from the "Super"nova changes, ceased to work post TB v102.15.x.



For information purposes, currently Thunderbird bêta



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The Full Address Column add on is working again.

Which can add To and/or From E-mail address columns to all e-mail lists.

Thunderbird Add-On page