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I was very surprised that Thunderbird does not offer an option to show the e-mail-adress of the sender in a column in the table (like the columns "From" and "Correspondents"). This new column would be very useful to quickly identify spam/junk e-mails.

This feature can be added with add-ons:

This feature seems very basic and simple and like it should not require an add-on.

If you do a Google search for this feature, then you find many people, who have asked for this feature for many years.

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Also, the add-ons don't work anymore with version 115!


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I was just reading this thread and found out about Betterbird which sounds like it might already have something like the feature listed below.

As a sysadmin who also does coding (mainly on Gentoo Linux), the recent Thunderbird update has also been causing problems for me for both going through server emails and spam emails.  So I decided to see if I could create a patch to add the feature as listed on : Show email address in message list.

The patch, posted as Matthew Stapleton, adds a new option: "Show email addresses in email columns" in Settings, General which enables displaying the email address in addition to the email name in the From, Recipient, and Correspondents columns.  If you also have the "Show only display name for people in my address book" option enabled and the email address is in your Address Book, that option will override this new option at the moment.

I'm not a Mozilla Developer, but it was fairly straight forward to implement this, although I didn't implement a unit test or non-English translations.  Adding additional columns might be a bit more complicated as well.

Also, it looks like the full-addresses column addon might be able to work again soon:


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I need to be able to sort by the From: header.  Just seeing "Customer Service" or "No Reply" and then having to wade through all those usually cryptic subjects is a total PITA. 

And it is a security and spam risk, especially for those who render the full message as soon as the message is clicked in the header/list pane:   Bingo!!!  Spam Hell and potential exploits await you for an eternity!

Its' like the developers are totally clueless about these things.  As somebody has just proven on a fork, the change was trivial yet it's taken up thousands of hours of user's time and feature-requests to get a 30-minute code change, testing, and submitted.

Strollin' around

I think @staples1347  's comment is very good.
The mentioned bug on bugzilla ( = "Show email address in message list") currently only has 15 "votes" (votes are at the very top of the website hidden by default under "Details"). I guess it would help if more people (including people from this thread) would also "vote" for this bug.

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currently only has 15 "votes" (votes are at the very top of the website hidden by default under "Details")

Thank you for this hint. I voted immediately as I used the now not-working "Full address column" and without this feature, it's a risk to open mails as spammers and phishers send mails usually with a well-known display name.

So showing the sender's "real address" should be a built-in function in these unsecure days.

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Please, add this feature to the new version. I rolled my version back to use the addon and I will use the new version only with a sender feature.

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I support this feature too. It is very important for me.

For me (and others) its a fix for a security issue.

Being able to see the senders email address (in a new column) help me to detect 99% of all spam and malware messages which pass Thunderbird internal junk filter.

So I appreciate a fast addition to core Thunderbird.

Thank you

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I think it’s absurd that displaying the senders email address from the header information is not the default, let alone that you need an addin to show it.  The ability to show the senders email address must be restored to TB supernova and all future editions.  Madness it was ever taken away as an option.  Not showing the email address is a major security and spam flaw.  I’m not upgrading to supernova till this is fixed. 

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Please, give me a option to show the e-mail address of the sender in the message table or give me back the functionality of "Full Address column" plugin.

To click on every e-mail to see the senders e-mail address is not a safe solution for me.

I don't want to change to another mail program because of this, thank you.

Strollin' around

I also would love to see this implemented!