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Status: In development

I'm personally a heavy tab user but have always wondered why there is almost no support for tab grouping or customization in the native tab bar in Firefox.

I think making it able to group like Google Chrome does for example or at least giving more access for extensions and add-ons would significantly improve the UI in that regard.

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Like Vinci480 I'm a heavy tab user it would very useful to be able to group tabs for the samr site, subject ou everything else.

I hope Mozilla will prioritize this improvement.

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I also really like Chrome's tabbing functionality and really miss that in FF. Most of extensions have bloated feeling to them or too many features I don't need, simple grouping is light and quick. I sometimes multitask and have some random thought - let's say that I need to buy something, then I type 2-3 shops or google queries to check later, I could then add it to group to check in next couple of hours - saving it as bookmarks would make me forget about that, but tabs are visible on first glance and don't occupy space. Not to mention doing any longer work, that requires some context switching - some may say why don't you use separate windows, but that would just clog all of my screens, would require to have sometimes 3,4,5 windows to keep separate contexts and another couple of groups for parallel reading like documentation, etc.

Really please listen to community.

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Pretty please, I really want tab grouping like it is in chrome/edge!

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Please consider the following Feature request:

Tab Groups (ilke in Chrome)


Thank you!

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Firefox is probably one of the last browser to not support that.

Any roadmap officially on that matter ? Would appreciate it a lot !

Thanks guys.

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the post is a year old now and no word...It's not looking good


Strollin' around

This feature seems to have a lot of support behind it. Yet, no progress has presented lately. It's been in Exploring more for a bit now. What is beeing explored? Is there any way that the community members could help in the process? To help speed it up? To help it be realised?
I've been stuck doing projects for school in chromium for a while now. It is painful for many chromium reasons. But it sadly is the only browser which has this necessary, modern, and essential feature. So therefore I ask: Is there anything we, the community, can do to help?

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I'm exactly like you, and since yesterday, chrome devtools doesn't work on any website for me, so i decide to go back to work with firefox, and i can't work properly with it because there is no grouping feature for tabs.  It works but it's really not efficient, so i will try opera. You miss your chance Firefox ! Bookmarks are not efficient with 32GB ram. It's a 0.5gb ram features. Named groups tabs are a must have in 2023 !

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Hi, +1 for this, I use Firefox, but really missing tab groups from Chrome

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It's been more than a year since the idea was posted and it still is in "Exploring more"

I would also like to see this feature get to Firefox, since this is the biggest factor why I stick with Chrome at the moment

Strollin' around

The tab groups feature in Edge/Chromium is brilliant... please make Firefox better! 🙂

Strollin' around

it should work like in Chrome. It's native and works exactly where it's supposed to.


Strollin' around

It's been a while since this idea has been suggested and we don't have even a road map to know that the team is even considering adding it. This is somehow a very very important functional requirement for a lot of web users and I find it hard to convince people to even consider Firefox at this point.

But I don't want to hurt my productivity anymore, I hoped the browser would get out of the way to focus on your work. Guess we have to make it do that one way or the other. Goodbye FF.

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The lack of tab groups makes it impossible for me to use FireFox for my workflow. It all just ends up becoming a big cluttered mess with no efficient way of organizing.

Also dragging and dropping tabs around is janky compared to Brave (Chromium-based). You also cannot drag links etc. to and from FF always whereas Brave happily opens any link you drag and drop. Or file for that matter.

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ANY update from devs on this? I don't think it's a matter of IF to implement but rather how and when?