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Status: In development

I'm personally a heavy tab user but have always wondered why there is almost no support for tab grouping or customization in the native tab bar in Firefox.

I think making it able to group like Google Chrome does for example or at least giving more access for extensions and add-ons would significantly improve the UI in that regard.

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Native tab grouping is a must. Please add this feature if you can!

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I previously used Workona to manage my workspaces until it increased its prices.  So I looked for an alternative to be able to create workspaces of tab groups and to add notes, to autosave groups and easily switch between them.  I tried multiple different addons but the closest I have found is Simple Tabs Groups plus its notes plugin.   Its not perfect but it has the main featutes I need, plus the ability to archive and restore workspaces. The only downside is that it doesn't sync between machines. 

I would like to see the STG/Workona workspaces type feature added to Firefox, but hopefully with an improved UI.

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Native Tab grouping would be a really great addition to an already great browser.

it would de clutter the tab bar from all the messiness that happens all the time by using the browser all the time.

#productivity #cleanui #poweruser #firefox #tabgrouping

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It's vital to have native #TabGrouping with Tabs sitting in switchable separate Workspaces, like it implemented in Opera.

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please make it so I can group tabs together in 1 tab. Like chrome does.

Strollin' around

Vertical tabs and tab groupings are the reason I switched from 100% Firefox to 80% MS Edge, 20% Firefox. It's a killer feature. Huge respect to the FF extension devs trying their best to add that functionality, but it just doesn't come close to the feeling of having them integrated the way MS Edge does.

Making moves

Native(or extension/API enabled) tab grouping makes sense for when tab strip layout is horizontal since no other option currently exists for this scenario. 

On the other hand, for users that prefer vertical tab strip layout(tabs on the sidebar) "Tree Tabs" has groups with folders(useful for efficient workflows: organizing related tabs in folders and be able to retrieve such tabs easily). As this capable addon option exists, a native vertical option would not be needed(especially with improvements added to existing addons - this is detailed below, in the following text).

An alternative to Tree Tabs is the Simple Tab Groups and Tab Sidebar addon combo. Improvements to the latter(combo) would satisfy once and for all the the vertical use case. Not the least, with native horizontal "folders" implemented and previously mentioned improvements also applied, both layouts would be at feature parity. Then, tab organization would definitively be efficient(tabs, folders and groups are easy to pick, find or rearrange), productive(burning speed through tasks/folders in projects/groups) and an issue of the past(it covers both tab layout modes and fulfills majority of tab management user workflow cases). 

Links to those existing detailed improvement suggestions and workflows they enable, both here on Connect  and on , the latter with a UI integration and code logic perspective.

PS: I've tried Edge's and Vivaldi's horizontal, vertical layouts and tab stacking but Firefox is top in vertical tab workflow when using described combo and additional CSS modifications(for ex: compact sidebar like in Edge).

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Personally, Mozilla Firefox is set as my default browser. But please Firefox could you guys add the “ Organise tabs with tab groups” function. Because as a software engineer I always have alot of StackOverflow tabs open, and sometimes I get lost while searching for certain tabs.

Native Tab Grouping / More Customizable Tab bar    #Accessibility #Tabs

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I would find cool if Firefox has tabgroups like Safari, which sync through the devices. When I transfer tabs to a tabgroup I could hide many tabs at once and open other tabs which have nothing to do with these. Later I can reopen these tabs on the same device or another device, just like I want.

Strollin' around

This would be such a huge quality of life addition. I love the way tab grouping works on Edge.