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So you have it so multi-account containers are integrated with Mozilla VPN, which I love. However, the thought occurred to me, when you set a custom VPN location for a specified container does that override the multi hop setting on the primary VPN settings?... I suppose it would need to for that feature to be functional, but if so, then is it possible to integrate the multi hop functionality into the multi-account container's custom location features? That way, you can set custom multi hop locations for any specific container. If the container's custom location setting overrides the primary VPN settings, then it should still function like the standard multi hop setting, shouldn't it?... I don't actually know how well that would work, it's just an idea that occurred to me and my thoughts on it...

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Community Manager

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Yes, when you assign a VPN location to a Container, the Container uses the location you assigned to the Container and NOT the multi-hop location in the primary VPN settings.

A Container with a VPN location functions as its own multi-hop configuration.